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They were spending heavily on paid digital advertising, primarily Facebook (As Google restricts poker-related ads). When, we started the in-app cost per conversion​s were much high than expected. Moreover, there wasn't any proper tracking metrics like conversion value & bifurcated conversions in-place.

Generation By McKinsey&Company

The nonprofit founded in 2014, came to us to scale their acquisition of students for their training/coaching centers. They wanted to replace their telecalling aquisition channel to digital. One of the biggest problem we encountered was of low search volumes & target audience.

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TrulyMadly - Online Dating App

Before we took over, they were spending a significant amount of money on paid advertisements with very high cost of user acquisition. They also wanted to solve other challenges like low gender ratio & increase in-app purchases.


High Competition with Urbanclap, Housejoy, Zimmber along with low profit margins were their main challenges. Moreover, high competition led to very high bids on Google. Besides, tackling these challenges they wanted to scale the business & increase profitability.

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Their prime aim was to generate leads from companies where employee count or revenue was more than a certain number. After trying 4 different digital marketing agencies, they believed that only Email marketing + Cold Calling can generate relevant leads for them (which ought to be difficult to scale).


There were not many criterias available for targeting the right audience, they were facing difficulty in attracting the new users. Also, scaling while maintaining high disability ratio and gender ratio was a challenge for them.

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